ebook – How to Prepare a Winning Tender


Not winning tenders? Not even being short-listed?

This book contains advice to you from the marker’s perspective with step-by-step instructions on how to improve your response and your chances of winning that next big tender.

Product Description

Executive Summary

This short book helps you to understand the process that the buying organisation goes through when they’re building the Request for Tender and when they’re marking the tender responses. This will help you to understand more about the buying stages and the likely readers of your proposals. They’re human too and this book tells you how you can build rapport with them, how to best communicate with them during the tender process and the most common pitfalls that result in your proposal being marked down (and importantly, some simple steps for how to avoid them).

Lastly, there’s a checklist for you to go through to ensure that your response is the best it can be to maximise your chances of winning that next big tender.

If one tip from the expert gets your score up so that you get shortlisted and win the next million dollar tender that’s a 56 000:1 return on investment!

From the Procurement Marker’s Perspective

Included are my learnings based on all of the tenders I’ve reviewed. So many responses I see lead me to think “it would have been so easy for this supplier to get a higher score and to have given themselves a real shot at this contract”. Lost a tender recently? Chances are there’s something in here for you which you’ll read and wish you could rewind time and give yourself a better chance of winning. At least you can learn for the future…Participating in the RFT process is all about getting the evaluators to like you the most, which goes beyond just the proposal.

A bit about the Author

I’ve worked with many buyer organisations over the past 10+ years who engage me specifically to run tenders for them. The tenders which I have led have been for goods and services for both private and public sector clients. In total, about $2 billion dollars’ worth of contracts have resulted from the work that I’ve done. This is based on the hundreds of tenders I’ve seen and evaluated over time and the comments I’ve heard from fellow evaluators. If you don’t get something out of this to help you, you can have your money back!


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    “great little book this!” Jacqui F, Sales Account Manager

    “Just the information I needed in a neat, distilled format. I print out the worksheet for any tender I participate in and insist on my team doing the same. It feels like we’ve got an advantage over our competitors now that we have this!” Andre V, Bid Manager

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