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Common Proposal Mistakes: 4 of 10 – Not relating your response to the evaluation criteria

A simple enough mistake to fix going forward. You’re answering the questions but are you making sure you’re notching up points against each of the evaluation criteria?

Buyers don’t have to include the evaluation criteria or their weightings but often they do.

While you’re putting your responses together, repeatedly test them against the evaluation criteria. See that each response to each tender question is in some way proving that you are meeting and exceeding the criteria.

For example (see previous article for context) “Understanding of our organisation” may be a heavily weighted evaluation criterion. Wherever you can, include information that shows that you know the buying organisation. This can be done by spending time doing extensive research on their company website.

One Final Check Against Evaluation Criteria…

Once you’re done, go through the evaluation criteria again and reconcile your responses to them. Make sure that you have addressed all of them.


Extract from the eBook HOW TO PREPARE A WINNING TENDER… From the Procurement Marker’s Perspective


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