Common Proposal Mistakes: 2 of 10 – Not including clear additional value

When the numbers person (financial reviewer) is adding up the cost of each offer, there’s a good chance that they’ll include any responses to “value-add” questions.

Responding to the Value-Add Questions

Value-add questions tend to be open ended and the best way to respond is with as many suggestions as you can think of and, importantly, equate them to a monetary value.

For example, you might have offices with additional space that could be used for training and you could equate this to the cost of them having to rent this space elsewhere to give a dollar figure. Spend some time thinking about things you can offer over and above your direct response to their requirements – even if there’s a chance that they won’t take you up on them.

Extract from the eBook HOW TO PREPARE A WINNING TENDER… From the Procurement Marker’s Perspective



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