how to win a tender

Common Proposal Mistakes: 1 of 10 – Responding with a “No”

An example: an RFT asks whether the supplier has in place any sort of benefits tracking reporting for other clients. Rather than a flat-out no, a supplier could quickly integrate some sort of benefits tracking in an existing client’s report and then ask at the next reporting meeting whether they find it useful. Whether or not they do, you as a supplier can answer “yes”.

Industry Bodies

Another very frequently seen example of this is the response to “does your organisation have any relevant memberships to industry bodies?” with the response just being “no” from the tenderer. Know how to get maximum points for your answer instead? Just do a Google search for memberships and subscriptions and some words about your industry. There are so many out there and membership might be $100 or less (and may even be useful to you in future). Sign up and you can now answer “yes” to this question and potentially get full marks, and then get into the shortlist, and then charm them in the presentations and then… win the big contract.

Extract from the eBook HOW TO PREPARE A WINNING TENDER… From the Procurement Marker’s Perspective



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